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Filipe Lopes [Play Bleu]

Play Bleu (Braga, 1972) is a graphic designer, photografer and visual artist who uses different expressive techniques like design, photography, video, sound and writing. His works are based on an inquiry which brings together nature, traditional culture and technology, techniques he draws from to re-examine the history of human beings.

To highlight the partnerships with different artistic áreas, working with diferent choreografers as Maria Villasmil, Valentina Parravicini, Peter Dietz, Romulus Neagu, Paulo Henrique, Carlota Lagido, Jody Oberfelder, Carlos Zingaro, João Foldenfjord, Rui Dias, among others.

Play Bleu was invited by Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Instituto Camões and Casa de Portugal to attend a partnership with Paulo Henrique in Paris, winning a prize Criativity/shair in Fast Forward festival. With this duo, in 2020, he was selected for Almada Festival with the project "Don't look" and in 2021 he was also selected to MIVSQ festival in S. Paulo.

In 2016 he joined at Rui(n)do with choreografer Valentina Parravicini and musician Fernando Ramalho presented in Kanart space (Lisboa), S. Paulo and Italy, sponsored by Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation.

He partecipated with Peter Dietz in a artistic residency in Castelo Branco ending with an exhibition "Green Man". This project followed up in a dance performance in Pedras Festival 17' and in Funchal.

In 2017 he created a new project OFFTRACK (video and music) with the musician Rui Dias presented at Gneration Ocupa 2 sponsored by AUAUFEIOMAU.

At the Portuguese house in Paris he presented with Bruno Azevedo a music and video performance.

In 2022 with a video instalation, in partnership with Sara Silva, he got a prize in Actum - Braga with "4'33" - Saramago inspiration that will be presented very soon.


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  1. Estes projetos estão fantásticos, já lá vão 3 anos desde quando conheci o projeto e o autor, sorte a minha poder dizer que já foi meu formador na Ruíz Costa, boa sorte na continuação dos projetos e muito sucesso, abraço!! 😉